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Location: Roosevelt Island, NY
Types of work: Stone facade restoration, slate roof system restoration, coppersmithing, repointing, facade cleaning

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Details: The renovation of the five story Octagon Tower brings back an 1841 building designed by Alexander Jackson Davis. It first served as entry to and administrative space for the New York Lunatic and Pauper Society and later as Metropolitan Hospital. It was vacated in 1954 and, after fires in 1982 and 1999, only the eight exterior walls remained. Nicholson & Galloway, Inc. was called in to restore the exterior of this building, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

In coordination with Building Conservation Associates of New York which designed aspects of the restoration, Nicholson and Galloway had to keep to a tight schedule to try and keep up with the new residential towers being constructed on both sides of the Octagon. The project consisted of the removal of all the granite interior walls and the shoring of the existing eight façade walls. After interior steel columns were installed and tied into the façade the shoring was removed and the exterior Granite restoration was started.

The Granite restoration consisted of: chemical cleaning, stone resetting, dutchmen, stainless steel epoxy pinning and 100% re-pointing. The Granite stone front porch was disassembled and rebuilt with new wood columns and railing system. All new wood windows and doors were installed, Nicholson & Galloway also replaced the Dome structure with new granite, slate roof and new GFRP dormers and cornices. All work was performed and supervised by Nicholson & Galloway's own forces.

Contruction Manager: Gotham Construction
Developer: Becker & Becker
General Restoration Contractor: Nicholson & Galloway Inc.
Restoration Architect: Building Conservation Associates

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